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Raimondi Tile Levelling System Review


Tiles these days seem to be getting bigger so I wanted something that would make fitting these types of tiles easier and quicker.  The main problem with larger tiles is lippage.  The more you try to make one corner level with another, the more chances there are of the opposite corner popping out.  This system stops that from happening.

The biggest concern that people seem to have with the Raimondi levelling system is that it creates hollows and weak spots when tiles are pulled together.  I don’t think that this is the case.  Firstly this system is not there to help you hide massive hollows in the background surface.  The background surface should still be smooth and level.  As for creating hollows when pulling the tiles together, this can be overcome by using a good quality thick bed adhesive but more importantly back buttering 100% of the tile.  The tile clips are designed to break under a certain load so provided you’ve laid a good adhesive bed and back buttered, you will only need to move the tiles a small amount which both the adhesive and clips will allow.  Trust me, trying to pull a large tile too much against the force of the adhesive will easily break the clip.I have fitted plenty of tiles and then pulled them up again to check adhesive coverage and it always works just fine.

As far as speed goes, I think this system helps.  Once you place your first tile and level it, clips are placed around the tile and new tiles added.  I tend to place row of tiles and then push all of the wedges in to get them level before placing another row on top.  Once the wedge is in place the tiles will not move so you don’t have to keep checking opposite corners etc.  Using this system easily enables a competent tiler to fit 5sqm of tiles on a flat wall within a couple of hours – this includes mixing time etc and not rushing etc.

Will the Raimondi leveling system replace the job of a good tiler?  No, you still need to be able to tile well to use this system – it just makes your job slightly quicker and a lot easier.