Microclene Mc760 Air Filter Review

Dust has always been a problem when fitting a new bathroom.  The majority of the dust is created when taking the old bathroom suite out and making alterations to walls etc prior to fitting and tiling the new room.  I’ve always tried to keep things tidy and have received a lot of positive reviews saying how tidy my work area is so improving upon this was the way to go. I wanted an air filter that was portable and could be moved around easily but one that could clean the air quickly.  I know that some would say that the Mc760 is an overspec given the fact that an average bathroom might only have a cubic area of 16 metres and this unit can clear 760 cubic metres in an hour.  Well my thoughts were the quicker it can clean the air the better as it reduces the chances of dust settling elsewhere in the house. The Microclene is quick at cleaning the air and does a good job too.  I know that the unit is fitted with a G4 filter which will catch 90% of 5 micron particles and 65% of particles below 1 micron.  I’ve always used the hoover as much as possible to catch dust so this is still far better than what I had.  What is amazing is what the filter looks like after the unit has been working for a while.  I left the unit running for an hour or so whilst carrying out some work that I DIDN’T think was dusty but the filter proved me WRONG.  Everything that was on the filter would have been going in to my lungs  - I know at this stage that some was still going into my lungs even though the Microclene was doing its best to minimize this. Replacement filters are available and seem reasonably priced but so far I’ve been regularly hoovering both sides of the filter media to make it last. One of my main concerns was noise.  I didn’t want an air cleaner that was too noisy.  It had to do its job but not disturb me of the homeowners downstairs.  I would compare it to a relatively quiet hand dryer so you are definitely aware of it .  I’ll do a Youtube video soon to show its performance and noise levels. Do I have any regrets buying the Microclene Mc760?  No, it appears to be doing a great job but I’ll just have to remember to keep switching it on at regular intervals. If you have any questions please ask and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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