Bathroom Lighting Ideas

When installing or planning your new bathroom, getting the lighting right can make or break the look of the room.  It used to be the case that no one really gave it much thought but now you can easily create multiple mood zones within the room.

Firstly consider downlights.  They don’t take up any visual space but offer great light and can create a lovely spread of light depending on how many lights you choose to install.  As it’s a bathroom you will need to make sure that you install bathroom rated downlights which can be used in all zones.  Your electrician should be pointing this out.  Choose between GU10 mains voltage or 12v low voltage.  The mains bulbs are usually easier and slightly cheaper to install as the 12v lights require a transformer as well as the light unit.  LED bulbs are available in both variants.

LED strip lighting can be used in bathrooms as it is possible to purchase waterproof strips that run on 12v meaning that they are very safe to use.  LED strips can offer the same amount of light as a normal bulb but can be used to highlight areas of interest or create mood zones.  Below is an strip of LED lighting over a chrome radiator.

led strip lighting bathroom, cheshire fitters

LED strip lighting installed into a bathroom

LED lighting can also be used in other areas such as under units where large bulky flourescent lights used to be used.  Below is an example,

LED strip lighting under bathroom cabinets

LED strip lighting under bathroom cabinets

It’s also important to consider the type of light you want whether it be warm white or a daylight type of bulb.  Warm white is usually around 2700 to 3000 kelvins and gives a yellow tinge and is normally found in traditional GU10 downlights.  Daylight bulbs give around 6000 kelvins which is a much brighter, whiter light but can sometimes have a blue tinge to the light.  You’ll find this type of light in hospital environments or dentist surgeries. The type you choose is down to personal choice but some tiles such as neutral or natural types tend to look washed out with daylight bulbs.

The main point here is that if you have a feature in your bathroom, you can easily enhance it using a light source.




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